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The purpose of this particular workout is to widen the lats. If you're posing on stage, you want them to look 3-D, even from the back. Wide lats also provide that all-important V-taper. In this workout, we're doing 5 base exercises to help you build strength, and then following them with FST-7 sets. FST-7 stands for "fascia stretch training"—the "7" stands for the number of sets you do at the end of a workout. The goal of FST-7 is to expand and create microscopic tears in the connective sheath surrounding the muscle fibers called the fascia. 04.07.2017 · FST-7 Prep Mode: Hany Preps Andrei for his IFBB Pro Debut 5 Weeks Out - Duration: 19:10. Evogen Nutrition 377,613 views. FST-7 Fascia Stretch Training 7 Workout Routine Workout Routines There are so many different methods of training and various training programs out there, that knowing which one to.

FST-7 is a training principle created by Hany Rambod, the Pro Creator. He has been using this training principle for many years exclusively with his clients to create physiques that win. FST 7 is a brutally effective bodybuilding workout routine designed by trainer Hany Rambod and used by many top IFBB pro bodybuilders. Workout Routine & Nutrition Guide for FST-7. Is fascia limiting your muscle growth? There are three types of fascia in the human body, but the type bodybuilders should be concerned about is deep fascia. FST-7 Fascia Stretch Training 7 Workout Routine & Nutrition Guide FST-7 is a training principle created by Hany Rambod, the Pro Creator. He has been using this training principle for many years exclusively with his clients to create physiques that win. Go with something like sushi with angel food cake and fruit for dessert. You want to have plenty of muscle glycogen for the high-volume arm workout! FST-7 Tips. FST-7—or any type of training system—can only be maximally effective if you're able to fully recuperate from your workouts. Make sure your recovery is.

Your upper body will never look the same after Hany Rambod's and Jeremy Buendia's FST-7 shoulders-and-triceps workout! Prepare for an epic pump and extreme growth. I believe that well-developed shoulders are essential to a winning physique. You need wide shoulders and a small waist to create a. 17.07.2016 · What's going on! I'm here to bring you a FST-7 workout designed by The Pro Creator, Hany Rambod himself! Great workout, highly recommend you look into doing it yourself! Enjoy! Original FST-7.

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